Présentation du Mauboussin de Bob Collin et de son association Ferté Alais 2019

Présentation en statique et vol Ferté Alais 2019 8/9 Juin 2019

CURTISS P 40 de FFW au Décollage festival de L'Air 2013

Organisation Air show since 1995-2016

Organisation Olivier Maes Aviation 1995-2016

Olivier Maes organize Aviation air show with his team of former officials of the dgac and the French Air Police
to his credit in global logistics and administrative organization

of 1995-2016

1998-2015 Air show lille Marcq organisation Patrouille de France 2001

AIR FESTIVAL Lille-Marcq 2005-2015

Centennial Fréres Voisin berck on Wed, 2004
Centennial brothers Caudron crotoy The Somme 2009
Commemorations of the liberation 2004-2003
Paris Airshow Aviation Operator 2009-2011-2013

Films-organisation événements


Aircraft used for hunting German cinema ( replaced the 109 at the time)

Now there are 109 Messerchmitt steals state
Photos of various North 1002 and North 1101 ( french aircraft built by North Aviation )
He exhibited at the Museum of Air Buxelles donation of the Maes family in the 70's
1101 North ramier the German colors
Equipped with a 6-cylinder Renault engine online

Aviation in the production department film - advertising- Documentary

Experience movies Telefilms

France 3 / téléfilm- Services Aircraft North American T6 1943 Passage aboard Sea
film production Alpine Helicopters delivery
France 2 / Telefilm provision Staggerwing Beech D17 1939
Aircraft rentals for the longest day by my father in 1002 two North
Making available for your productions
Drone aircraft Helicopters - naturally - decors
All accreditations to near the French authorities
A commercial pilot the best team in Europe
A collection of all time Aircraft
Entrusted us your project in the best conditions

Lille Marcq Patrouille de France 2001 14 septembre

Patrouille Cartouche Doré 2015